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    Cargo Insurance

    Although Great World makes every effort to ensure the safe delivery of your goods, sometimes loss and/or damage do occur. While Great World arranges for the transportation of your goods, by law, it is the carrier who bears responsibility for loss or damage to your freight. For more on Great World’s role and what you will recover should a loss occur without insurance, click here.

    How Can You Protect Yourself?
    “All Risk” Shipper’s Interest Coverage provides the owner of the cargo with coverage for direct physical loss or damage to the cargo without the need to prove liability. If a loss occurs, you will be paid directly and any recovery possible from the carrier will be handled by our subrogation specialists.

    Advantages of Insuring Your Cargo through the Great World Policy
    Covered Losses are paid without the need to prove carrier negligence. After your loss is paid, we work with the carriers to ensure your historical losses are minimized.
    Great World can offer broad coverage at competitive rates
    Claim payments based on insured value, not weight of pieces missing/damaged or Carrier’s limited liability
    Great World will report and handle claims on your behalf
    * Great World is not the insurance company and purchases insurance for its customers from surety companies. Great World’s liability is dictated by its Terms and Conditions of Service.
    ** For procedures to file a claim, click here.

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