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    • Air

      Air freight is the fastest way to move cargo. Transit times from port to port typically range from one to three days.

    • Ocean

      Ocean freight is the most economical shipping solution. Transit times from port to port typically range from one to four weeks.

    • Ground

      Ground transportation (truck or rail) can be a daunting task trying to find the right mix of speed and affordability.

    • Customs Clearance

      Start managing the border entry process by asking us for free consultations.

    • Bonded CFS Warehouse

      Whether you are dealing with imports or exports, our bonded facility provides a controlled environment for your cargo, meeting all regulatory requirements.

    • FDA and OGAs

      In addition to Customs, Great World clears other government agencies such as USDA, CPSC, DOT, EPA, F&W, FCC, ATF.

    • Customs Bonds

      Most importers are required to purchase a Customs Bond, which serves as a guarantee that fees due to Customs will be paid.

    • Export Declarations

      Great World helps exporters submit Electronic Export Information (EEI) within minutes via AES.

    • Tracking

      Monitor shipments in real time from any internet browser.

    • Cargo Insurance

      Carriers limit their liability in the event of a loss. Insurance removes burden of proof from the equation.

    • 10+2 ISF

      Ocean shipments require Importer Security Filing, no later than 24 hours before the cargo is aboard a vessel destined to the United States.

    • Document Archiving

      View digital copies of bill of ladings, entry summaries, and other documents securely from the cloud.

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