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    Oakland Terminals Update: Open,… but not really?

    We’re receiving mixed messages about the Oakland terminals. Oakland law enforcement officers are on site in an attempt to allow drivers past protesters at the terminals. The protesting (angry owner operators) truck drivers did show up this morning for a second day.

    As of roughly 10:20am this morning however, we still see very few trucks moving into the terminals.

    Cameras from SSA Terminal: I’ve seen a lone truck here and there moving through the terminal.

    B58gatewest1 b58security




    Cameras from Ben E. Nutter Terminal – There are a few trucks getting through.
    stsoakCamera2 stsoakCamera1


    The key problems we are seeing today are as follows:

    1.) Many truck drivers are afraid to drive to the terminals for fear of reprisal from protesters.

    2.) The terminals are NOT extending free time. We have importers whose containers are running up against the last free day before storage starts. The terminals are indicating it is not their problem that the containers were not picked up due to protesters. At the same time, new appointment times to pick up containers are often two or more days later, exacerbating the amount of storage charges due.

    My import team has indicated to me that we are receiving a number of calls from angry importers. I sympathize with the importers who are unable to get their containers quickly enough. However I do ask that importers not shoot the messenger.

    -Jimmy Ting
    t: 650-873-9050 x1019