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    Tianjin Port Update

    I wanted to provide an update on the port situation in Tianjin. Based on the latest reports, most of the container yards are now open for pick up and return of containers. There were a few terminal locations that were directly impacted by the explosion and remain closed. However most carriers seem to be reporting that vessel sailings are resuming on schedule. Chinese Customs in the Tianjin location is returning to normal although Customs inspections may be delayed. We have received reports of traffic and congestion in and around the port.

    In general we are also noticing that all around China, there is closer scrutiny of the transportation of DG cargo. The largest impact that we foresee seems to be related to shipping products containing batteries. Many consumer electronics ship with batteries either packaged or pre-installed with the product. We expect the Chinese government will be watching even more closely over shipments of these products.

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