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Another Antidumping & Countervailing Duty Investigation: Hardwood Plywood from China

It seems like a month can’t by without another AD and/or CVD case being brought against a product coming from China. The latest product is “hardwood plywood.” If this product sounds familiar, you may be getting it mixed up with … Continue reading

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No importer wants to pay ADD or CVD. However beware of circumvention!

I completely understand that ADD and CVD duties can be very¬†onerous. As importers try to find ways to avoid ADD and CVD, it is extremely important that they are aware of the danger of¬†circumvention. The domestic companies who are behind … Continue reading

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ADD and CVD cases involving Solar Cells from China: Watch out!

Most importers of solar panels are now well aware of the ADD and CVD determinations made this year covering certain solar cells manufactured in China. However from talking to various importers, there are some key elements of the determinations that … Continue reading

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