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    Customs Clearance

    – Your partner in navigating the border entry process

    Not all Customs Brokers are equal! Here are things that set us apart:

    • Web Tracking with your computer, tablet, or phone – Have 24/7 access to everything you need to stay on top of critical shipments: ISF Status Reports, Entry/OGA/Manifest Hold Status, Document Archiving, Duty Statements, as well as duties.
    • Email Release Notifications – You no longer have to repeatedly contact us (or check online) about the status of holds. They are alerted by email IMMEDIATELY when holds are released, holds are removed, FDA May-Proceeds are issued, etc. Also know the status of your ISF’s and minimize the possibility of delays, unwanted inspections or costly penalties. YOU know as soon as WE do!
    • Timely, automated email notifications of preliminary and/or final statements that are due with relevant 7501’s attached – You are efficiently and immediately kept in the loop on the duty status of each of your specific shipments.
    • EDI pushing and pulling – Send and/or receive data for entries, ISF, cargo releases, OGA status and billing invoices.
    • Detailed reports – Generate spreadsheets with 50 columns of data via our Web Tracking. This allows you to effectively manage and monitor your business the way you want.
    • NIGHTLY ADD/CVD query of the entire CBP anti-dumping, countervailing duty database. – We help avoid costly penalties which come from failing to claim any ADD or CVD status of entries.
    • Uploads in Excel and other formats – Send data to us in virtually any form of EDI.