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    West Coast Ports to Temporarily Suspend Weekend Vessel Operations

    After the PMA’s announcement earlier this week that West Coast ports are on the verge of an involuntary port shutdown, we maybe seeing the process slowly playing itself out. The PMA announced today that terminals would not be hiring labor … Continue reading

    PMA Provides Clarity on a Possible Port Shutdown

    As mentioned yesterday, rumors are flying around that West Coast ports will begin shutting down gradually this week (either via lockout or strike). This afternoon, James McKenna, President and CEO of the Pacific Maritime Association, the organization negotiating on behalf … Continue reading

    Possible West Coast Port Shutdown

    It appears just as we were seeing signs of hope last week, the West Coast ports may be heading full steam towards the shutdown that we have all been fearing. CBFANC (Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association) has issued the following … Continue reading

    State of US West Coast Shipping Heading into the Chinese New Year

    As we close out the month of January, I think it is extremely important for those who ship into and out of the U.S. West Coast ports to have a clear outlook of what to expect in the following months. … Continue reading

    ILWU and PMA Contract Negotiation Progress?

    Are cooler heads prevailing and both sides stepping back from the brink? My last update on January 16th was extremely pessimistic as both the ILWU and PMA were publicly trading barbs despite the supposed moratorium on making public statements during … Continue reading