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    Massive Explosion Near the Port in Tianjin, China

    As many of you may have already heard, there was a massive explosion at a warehouse in the port city Tianjin, China around 10:50pm local time yesterday. There has been a lot of reporting regarding the deadliness of the explosion, … Continue reading

    Instructions for GSP Eligible Refunds

    Customs has finally published their instructions for processing refunds of duties on entries that are eligible under the re-authorization of GSP. Contrary to some earlier statements from Customs, the refunds WILL be automatically processed by Customs assuming that your customs … Continue reading

    Port of Oakland Seeing Increased Delays

    We saw signs of trouble last week and it should be of no surprise that the port of Oakland is seeing increased congestion coming back from the July 4th holiday weekend. For the third year in a row, the July … Continue reading

    Pier Pass – Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) Increase as of August 1, 2015 for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

    The West Coast Marine Terminal Operators Agreement (WCMTOA) announced last week that they will be increasing the Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF), also known to many as a Pier Pass fee, beginning August 1, 2015. The updated TMF will be as … Continue reading

    Expect Port Delays as We Start the July 4th Weekend

    I mentioned earlier in the week that the terminals at the port of Oakland will be open on Friday, July 3rd. Unfortunately, they will for the most part (limited steamship lines will open for availability at Ports America) not be … Continue reading