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    Medical Device Excise Tax

    A part of Obama’s Affordable Care Act included a 2.3% excise tax on medical devices. I had one importer inquire about the excise tax today and the method for paying it. Unlike the Federal excise tax on alcohol, this tax … Continue reading

    Another Antidumping & Countervailing Duty Investigation: Hardwood Plywood from China

    It seems like a month can’t by without another AD and/or CVD case being brought against a product coming from China. The latest product is “hardwood plywood.” If this product sounds familiar, you may be getting it mixed up with … Continue reading

    Changes to Food Facility Registration under FSMA

    Food manufacturers, exporters, and importers should all be familiar with the FDA Food Facility Registration requirement. What they may not be aware of are changes to the requirement as a result of the Food Safety Modernization Act that was signed … Continue reading

    FDA- Multiple Locations and Medical Establishment Registration

    Now that FDA has indicated that they will be charging importers for Establishment Registration, some importers have asked me to clarify whether they need to register each and every facility that receives goods. For example, the importer may have a … Continue reading

    New Requirements for FDA Medical Device Establishment Registration and Listing

    As I mentioned in a previous blog, FDA is updating their requirements for Medical Device Establishment Registration and Listings. The changes begin in four days, starting October 1, 2012. The two biggest changes that I initially noted were as follows: … Continue reading