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    Customs to begin issuing penalties for ISF non-compliance?

    I’m putting question marks on the title of this posting as CBP’s two sentence posting on the CSMS messaging systems has left many in the importing community waiting for details. Here is a copy of the CBP message in entirety: In order … Continue reading

    Hong Kong Terminal Strike Ends

    The Hong Kong dock worker strike finally ended yesterday with workers agreeing to a pay increase after a month long labor dispute. While there certainly were some vessel delays at the early stages of the strike, we hadn’t noticed any … Continue reading

    Not Out of the Woods Yet! ILA and USMX Still Negotiating on an East and Gulf Port Contract

    We had high hopes that the 11th hour agreement by the ILA and USMX on container royalties back at the end of December 2012 and the subsequent 30 day extension in the labor contract would lead to smooth sailing towards … Continue reading

    Stricter Enforcement of FDA Food Facility Registration Requirements under the FSMA

    We’ve noticed that one byproduct of the new biennial Food Facility Registration requirement is stricter enforcement of registration rules when filing Prior Notice (PN). We have seen FDA cracking down on PN filings. In particular, FDA seems to be taking … Continue reading

    Impact of Terminal Strike in Hong Kong on the U.S. Import & Export Community

    As many U.S. importers and exporters are aware, laborers at Hongkong International Terminal (HIT) have been on strike for the past twelve days.  HIT actually runs five of the eleven terminals in Hong Kong. The result of the strike has … Continue reading