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    Port Congestion Surcharge Postponed (Update – November 19, 2014)

    As reported late yesterday, carriers began announcing that they were postponing the Port Congestion Surcharge. We received confirmation today from all remaining carriers that had announced a PCS that they would be postponing the fee. The reason for the postponement … Continue reading

    Carriers Begin Collecting Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS) as USWC Ports Continue to Teeter Along, November 14, 2014

    Carriers Begin Charging Port Congestion Surcharge As expected, steamship lines have begun announcing that they will begin charging the Port Congestion Surcharge. We received announcements from the following carriers that they will begin charging the PCS for all containers arriving … Continue reading

    USWC Terminals Operating Today, November 13th

    So far today, all USWC have remained open. I was concerned about SSA Terminal in Oakland after it shut down yesterday for the second time in a week due to ILWU labor issues. Another concern that popped up earlier this … Continue reading

    USWC Terminal Update on the Day After Veterans Day

    We expected to see more congestion than normal on the day after Veterans Day. As of 10:55am, we already have our first terminal closure. SSA Terminal in Oakland has shut down for the day due to ILWU labor issues. This … Continue reading

    ILWU Walkout! Various Terminals Begin Shutting Down Along the USWC

    I barely finished my previous newsletter when I received word that various terminals along the USWC were shutting down for the day due to ILWU longshoremen walking out. The latest is that four terminals in Los Angeles / Long Beach … Continue reading