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    ILWU and PMA Contract Negotiation Progress?

    Are cooler heads prevailing and both sides stepping back from the brink? My last update on January 16th was extremely pessimistic as both the ILWU and PMA were publicly trading barbs despite the supposed moratorium on making public statements during … Continue reading

    Are We On The Verge of a Complete West Coast Port Shutdown?

    Update on Port Conditions I don’t want to be the boy who cried wolf, and I certainly have been ringing the alarm often these last few months. However recent actions at the West Coast port terminals have undeniably put us … Continue reading

    West Coast Port Congestion Update – Federal Mediation, January 6, 2015

    Both sides (ILWU and PMA) finally agreed to Federal Mediation as they returned to the bargaining table yesterday. This is welcome news as both sides are far from an agreement. How long the contract dispute will continue remains anyone’s guess. … Continue reading

    Port of Oakland Update: Who Could Have Thought the Port Situation Could Get Worse?

    We didn’t think the situation at the West Coast Ports could get any worse than it already has. I have been warning our various partners that we are getting perilously close to a breaking point. Unfortunately, it looks like the … Continue reading

    Inability of USWC Port Truckers to Guarantee Pickup and Delivery

    Due to increasing congestion at the USWC port terminals, truckers are unable to guarantee that they can pick up a container before the last free day. It is possible that demurrage charges will occur. We are doing everything we possibly … Continue reading