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    Port of Oakland Terminal Congestion Continues!

    No one expected terminal congestion to disappear overnight.

    SSA Terminal, Oakland
    Shut down Monday morning roughly around 10am due to labor disagreement.
    Shut down Wednesday morning at 10:45am due to labor disagreement.
    In each case, the shutdown resulted in truckers flooding to the other terminals causing long wait times for the other Oakland terminals.
    Here is a timestamp diagram showing one trucker taking 4 hours to pick up a container once inside a terminal.

    Ports America, Oakland and Trapac, Oakland
    Dealing with extreme chassis shortage. Both are out of BACP chassis as of today.
    Lines to get into Ports America remain long. Here is a timestamp diagram showing one trucker taking 3.5 hours to pick up a container from the terminal.

    BENT Terminal, Oakland
    Dealing with chassis shortages. Containers arriving are taking a few days to become available for appointment.

    Vessels arriving early?
    On another note, we are seeing a number of cases up and down the West Coast of vessels arriving earlier than originally anticipated. This is wreaking havoc on import receiving schedules. As anticipated, truckers are fully booked at the ports dealing with the flood of containers. Congestion in the terminals is causing many containers not to be available until the last free day. Combined with the dearth of trucker availability, we are seeing many containers end up with demurrage charges due. We STRONGLY emphasize the need for patience and understanding. We are doing our best to help manage the mess.

    -Jimmy Ting
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