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    LA-Long Beach Port Strike Now Entering 4th Day

    We are now entering the 4th day since the clerical workers began striking at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The longshoremen continue to honor the strike, keeping most of the terminals shut down. There are three terminals (PIER A, PCT and B-136) in Long Beach that are open. These terminals are open because they do not employ OCU clerical workers.

    We have yet to see many vessels begin to divert from Los Angeles/Long Beach. However with a number of vessels set to arrive this weekend and already arrived vessels continuing to remain unworked on, we may see carriers forced to divert vessels in the coming week. Carriers are giving us daily status reports. Most are taking a wait and see approach. This may change at a moments notice. Importers who are expecting their cargo to arrive in the coming weeks should continue to brace for long delays.

    Importers with new bookings for containers moving via rail to inland locations may want to consider carrier services that transit via Canada (via Vancouver or Prince Rupert). Some inland destinations that have carrier service through Canada include Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Minneapolis, Detroit. Please contact us if you want to inquire into specific inland rail destinations not listed here.

    -Jimmy Ting