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    Instructions for GSP Eligible Refunds

    Customs has finally published their instructions for processing refunds of duties on entries that are eligible under the re-authorization of GSP. Contrary to some earlier statements from Customs, the refunds WILL be automatically processed by Customs assuming that your customs broker has correctly marked the entries for GSP consideration at the time of import. GWL has been marking qualifying entries appropriately.

    Based on experience with refunds issued in previous years, it will take a few months for Customs to complete the refund processing. Therefore please give Customs a few months to finish processing the refunds. However, please be EXTREMELY careful keeping track of any refunds you do receive in the coming months. Customs has in previous years missed refunding duties on a entries that would otherwise have qualified for a refund. If you are missing any refunds on entries for which you feel entitled to a refund, it is very important that you contact your customs broker before December 1, 2015. Customs has provided a deadline of December 28, 2015 for requesting refunds on qualifying entries that did not receive a refund. GWL will not be responsible for missing refunds in cases where we are not notified of the missing refund prior to December 1, 2015.

    One other thing to make note of is that both Bangladesh and Russia have been removed from GSP qualification and neither country will receive any retroactive duty benefits from the re-authorization of GSP.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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