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    FDA Biennial Food Facility Registration now AVAILABLE!

    All food facilities (foreign and domestic) who have previously registered their facilities with FDA must now re-register. Under the Food Safety & Modernization Act of 2011, food facilities are now required to re-register every two years (from October 1 through December 31 of each even-numbered year). Previously registered facilities can now begin re-registering via FDA’s Food Facility Registration website. Please make sure to click the link for “Biennial Registration.”

    Failure to register may result in the suspension of FDA Food Facility Registration which may ultimately lead to the FDA holds on imported goods. Domestic importers should inform their overseas suppliers to re-register ASAP.

    One word of caution to importers who are asked by their overseas suppliers to act as a U.S. Agent. Don’t do it, unless you are ready to face the consequences. I know in the past that many importers have been willing to help foreign facilities by acting as their U.S. agent.¬†Under the FSMA, the U.S. Agent is liable for FDA foreign re-inspection fees. The posted/suggested rate of of inspection for foreign facilities is currently set at $289/hour. I doubt most importers would be willing to accept this type of liability.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Jimmy Ting