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    Evergreen Makes Temporary Shift in West Coast Terminals During the Month of December

    Evergreen Marine announced yesterday that they will be making changes in the coming month to their terminal operations in Los Angeles and Oakland. Officially, Evergreen will be taking over management of the terminals through a wholly owned subsidiary, Everport Terminal Services (ETS). This transition will require a few weeks time as ETS works on establishing their new terminal operating system. During this transition period, Evergreen will need to divert their vessels to other terminals.

    At the port of Los Angeles, Evergreen vessels will be calling two terminals, Total Terminals International (TTI) and Global Gateway South (GGS) starting from November 23rd through December 17th.

    At the port of Oakland, Evergreen vessels will be calling Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT terminal – run by SSA) starting from November 28th through December 17th.

    I’m not quite certain what the impact at these terminals will be. OICT – SSA terminal in Oakland has been the busiest terminal in the past year. We would not be surprised to see increased congestion and wait time at this terminal during the four weeks mentioned above. Evergreen is hoping to get their testing completed earlier and shorten the transition time. However at this moment, importers should be prepared for the transition to take the full four weeks.

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