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Oakland Terminals Open … But Movement of Containers is Slow

The Oakland terminals were open today as the protesting truck drivers did not return this morning. It looks like we are in the clear… for now. Our information from drivers is that they have been able to get into all … Continue reading

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Oakland Terminals Update: Open,… but not really?

We’re receiving mixed messages about the Oakland terminals. Oakland law enforcement officers are on site in an attempt to allow drivers past protesters at the terminals. The protesting (angry owner operators) truck drivers did show up this morning for a … Continue reading

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Ben E. Nutter Terminal Also Closed

You can see live gate feeds from the terminal website. Looks like Ben E. Nutter Terminal is also closed today. This terminal mainly serves Evergreen vessels. The pictures below are as of 9:19am this morning.  

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More Trouble at the Port of Oakland: Truckers Protesting

Having spent the past month dealing with extremely heavy congestion at the port of Oakland due to terminal consolidation, longshoremen issues, and an increase in ISF related examinations, we were hoping to see a gradual return to normalcy in the … Continue reading

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The Reality of ISF Enforcement and What it Means for Importers

We’ve been waiting for a couple of years for active ISF enforcement. Apparently Customs has finally decided to get tough on ISF filings. The decision to start more strictly enforcing ISF filings was an apparent reaction to the big drop … Continue reading

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